House Call Euthanasia Services

Our Veterinary Hospice service provides medically supervised care focused on maintaining comfort and quality of life for your seriously ill or geriatric pet. The doctors at Maple Leaf Veterinary Care Center place utmost importance on your pet’s comfort and maintaining your emotional connections with your pet, not necessarily pursuing a cure or complete diagnosis of your pet’s ailment.

Our doctors will work with you to provide a care plan that may involve medications to reduce your pet’s pain, nausea or anxiety, provide appetite support, and address your pet’s nutrition, hydration or continence needs.

Discussing when to say goodbye is among the most important conversations we have with families that call upon us. Our doctors understand the sensitivity of these discussions and are recognized for their empathy, compassion, and being nonjudgemental. Importantly, know that you are not alone at this most difficult time. Our doctors and team have been through difficult times with our own pets and while no two situations are exactly alike we can be an important resource.


Even when we’ve worked together to do everything possible to extend the good times, for many of us there still comes a time when we must help our beloved family member one last time. If this day comes, our entire team takes special care to tend to your emotional needs and your pet’s comfort. Calming music, relaxing sedatives and a loving touch can be reassuring and make a difficult day a little easier.

In Home Euthanasia

Many pet owners find further comfort in knowing that our doctors provide In Home Euthanasia services. The reduced stress and the serenity of being in your own home or yard affirms our belief that In Home Euthanasia is one of the most important services we provide. Because of the value and importance of In Home Euthanasia we provide it to our clients and non-clients alike.