House Call Euthanasia Services

Our doctors understand the importance of being able to offer euthanasia services in the calming comfort of your home. They also know this decision has been one of the most difficult ones you have ever made.

Our veterinarians are experienced in providing in-home euthanasia services and do so in a way to make your pet comfortable and relaxed throughout. They will also make sure your emotional needs are met by taking their time, listening, and understanding. Below are answers to some of the most common questions people have regarding at home euthanasia.

How will my pet be cared for?
The doctor will arrive at your home at a predetermined time; family members and friends are welcome and encouraged to be present. The doctor will then administer a relaxing sedative injection to your pet much the way you have seen vaccines administered to your pet in the past. You may wish to hold your pet and reminisce or quietly reflect while the sedative is taking effect. Your pet may then become relaxed to the point of sleeping over the next 5-10 minutes. This relaxation calms your pet and facilitates the transition when the actual euthanasia injection is given intravenously.

How quickly does the euthanasia injection take effect?
The euthanasia injection typically takes effect within a minute or so. There may be some calm, deeper deeper breaths as your pet is passing. The doctor will use his or her stethoscope to make sure all functions have come to a stop.

May I make any special requests for the procedure?
Absolutely. We can usually accommodate any and all requests including being outside in your yard.

I am not a current client, may I still arrange to have an at home euthanasia performed?
Yes, our doctors feel compassionate at home euthanasia services are important enough to extend beyond our existing clientele.

How will my pet’s remains be cared for after the procedure?
You may have a place in mind for burial of your pet’s remains. Alternatively, you may elect for us to transport your pet’s remains and arrange for either a private cremation in which your pet’s ashes are returned to you in an urn or a non-private cremation (remains not returned).

What are the costs associated with at home euthanasia and cremation?
Costs are determined by the service selected and and type and size of your pet. Please call and speak with our receptionists who will be able to gently answer your questions and let you know the costs as determined by your pet’s size. She will also be able to help you set up an appointment should you wish to do so.